‘Black Christmas’ Review: Dir. Sophia Takal (2019)

Black Christmas review: No longer satisfied with merely remaking films, it seems that the studios have now moved onto remaking remakes. Enter Black Christmas 2019.


For years cinemas have been filled with remakes of older films, the horror genre, in particular, contributing heavily to the trend. Now though it seems like we might be at the start of a string of remakes of remakes. The first such film is Black Christmas. The original version was released in 1974, with a modernised version first attempted in 2006. Now comes the third iteration of the film.

The 2019 take on Black Christmas is markedly different from the previous movies. In fact, other than the title, the story taking place at the start of Christmas break, and having sorority girls as our core cast of characters, the film shares no other DNA with what audiences have seen before. With that being said, it’s a little
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