How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Celebrated the Old and New

Jack Beresford Dec 13, 2019

J.J. Abrams' Sequel Trilogy opener brought the Skywalker Saga to a new generation, welcoming old friends and new ones…

This was what fans had been waiting for. After the divisive Prequel Trilogy, the Star Wars franchise was born anew with The Force Awakens, a film effectively blending the old with the new. Arriving in December 2015, The Force Awakens felt like the perfect early Christmas present: a brand-new Star Wars movie featuring Leia, Luke, and Han.

But if fans were expecting a direct continuation of the Original Trilogy, then this was not the sequel they were looking for. Instead, The Force Awakens used appearances from the likes of Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher to set the wheels in motion for an altogether different, but no less entertaining, Star Wars story.

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Three decades on from Return of the Jedi,
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