Nominate ‘Watchmen’ for All the Awards, You Cowards

Nominate ‘Watchmen’ for All the Awards, You Cowards
There are some people who will go to great lengths to convince others that awards don’t matter, that the system is rigged, and that exceptional work too often goes unrecognized by major awards bodies. Those people aren’t wrong. But that doesn’t make them right.

It’s easy to be cynical in the face of the big Hollywood machine, but in the aftermath of an Emmy Awards season featuring several underdogs toppling competitors that seemed like surefire winners, it feels as though we’re entering a new age of television accolades. Perhaps an unforeseen byproduct of Peak TV is the sheer necessity of word-of-mouth. The TV that triumphs is the TV that critics and audiences feel most strongly about, advocating at every turn in an attempt to share that brilliance with everyone and anyone who’ll listen.

With all that in mind, and at the precipice of Golden
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