The Golden Globes: What They Are, and Why They Matter To TV

It’s been two months since the Primetime Emmy Awards offered up a crop of winners that vacillated between predictable and delightful, which means that it’s already time to kick-off the 2020 TV awards season. First up: the Golden Globes.

(Don’t sigh. It’ll be fine.)

For the uninitiated, the Golden Globe Awards are a curious celebration of both film and TV that serve as both the kickoff for the 2020 awards season, again, for both film and to a lesser extent, TV. For cinema, there’s a direct line from the January 5 ceremony to the Academy Awards, just a month later, but impact of the Globes on the small screen is far more inscrutable. So let’s focus on TV.

Part of that mystery comes from who’s running the show. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is a non-profit organization consisting of around 90 international journalists located in Southern California,
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