Comedy Thriller Small Town Killers Debuts on Blu-ray this November 26th

Tagline: "Sometimes a Hitman is Cheaper than a Divorce." Small Town Killers is a Danish language film. Originally released in 2017 in various formats, Small Town Killers is set to show on North American Blu-ray, this month. The film is a blend of horror and comedy as two friends turn against their wives. Determined to end their marriages one way or the other, the two men hire a Russian contract killer. However, the wives hear of their plan and turn-the-tables. This release is currently on Shudder platforms. But, home entertainment collectors might be looking to add something to their library, with this upcoming release. Ole Bornedal is a Danish filmmaker. This film fan knows him from his work on The Substitute (2007), a film which involves an alien invasion. Others may have heard of him from his feature Deliver Us from Evil (2009). This film is much lighter in tone, compared to these earlier titles.
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