Melissa McCarthy Is the Latest Convert to the Streaming-Centric Reality That’s Taken Hold of Hollywood

Originally slated to hit theaters during the prime Christmas movie season, Warner Bros.Melissa McCarthy vehicle “Superintelligence” will instead head straight to HBO Max when the streaming service launches this spring as part of an enticing slate of offerings meant to drive subscriptions. It’s the latest signal that both studios and talent are realizing the value of nixing the uncertainty of a theatrical release in favor of an admittedly less glamorous exhibition, but one that comes with a guaranteed payday and better chance for a mid-budget movie to get in front of an audience.

Directed by Ben Falcone, “Superintelligence” stars McCarthy as an ordinary woman whose TV, phone, and microwave start giving her snarky backtalk. She’s not losing her mind, rather she’s been wrapped up in the titular superintelligence’s plan to take over everything, making McCarthy humanity’s last hope.

It’s the kind of comedy
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