Feature: The Origins Of Godzilla

When taking a look back through the history of supersized monsters, one name stands tall above all… Godzilla! The immense beast has been causing chaos in cities and defeating enemies for 65 years now. To celebrate the home release of Godzilla: King of the Monsters we are taking a look back over the transformation of Godzilla over the last six decades, from the iconic comics to the big screen.

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From Comics to the Big Screen

The Godzilla franchise, or as it’s called in Japan: ‘Gojira’, has been around since 1954, rendering it 65 years old! The franchise has seen many films, comics, cartoons, video games and toys over the decades. Godzilla first appeared in Manga comics back in the 50’s, alongside the release of the first film, Godzilla. Many of the books that were released were adaptations of unique stories written about Godzilla from aspiring authors. Since Godzilla first
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