10 Little Known Details About The Lethal Weapon Films

In 1987, a then-young screenwriter, Shane Black teamed up with Superman director, Richard Donner to bring us the gift of Lethal Weapon. Starring Danny Glover and Mel Gibson; both doing the rare fete in Hollywood - playing characters older than their own ages at the time. As two Vietnam veterans now Lapd officers, family man Roger Murtaugh and depressed and suicidal Martin Riggs; the reluctant partners uncover a plot that tied into both of their pasts.

The chemistry between Glover and Gibson was amazing and helped form the basis of every buddy cop movie since to varying degrees of success. Lethal Weapon itself helped launch a franchise, with each subsequent movie adding at least one more character to the family. It’s a shame that both actors are probably really too old for this stuff, a fifth movie would have been much better than the series.

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