‘The Masked Singer’ showmance we didn’t know we needed: Nicole Scherzinger wants to ‘marry’ Thingamajig [Watch]

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Reality TV showmances are commonplace nowadays, whether it’s Jackson Michie and Holly Allen on “Big Brother” or Miss Vanjie and Brooke Lynn on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” One program that’s never given birth to a romantic entanglement is “The Masked Singer,” and for good reason — it’s hard to fall in love when all of those extravagant costumes get in the way. At least, that’s until Fox just released a video (watch above) between panelist Nicole Scherzinger and contestant Thingamajig that’s sure to get viewers hot under the collar.

See‘The Masked Singer’ power rankings: Black Widow joins Butterfly and Thingamajig in the top tier (so far)

“They’re massive!” Nicole exclaims when she first set eyes on the neon green monster in the Season 2 premiere. We’re assuming she’s referring to his big blue hands, which make his microphone look minuscule by comparison. “He’s tall,
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