TV series review: Perfect Life - San Sebastián 2019 - Velodrome

Leticia Dolera writes, directs and stars in eight lively episodes that bring us up close and personal with three women in crisis, in all their unfiltered, delusional and conflicted glory. A pregnant woman who lets out the odd fart, carries a pool float around with her so she can sit down without martyring herself to haemorrhoidal misery and apologises, mortified, after doing a poo in mid-labour. A lesbian painter, channelling Jane Bowles (or perhaps Debra Winger in Bertolucci’s The Sheltering Sky), takes Mdma to get through a friend’s daughter’s birthday party and, in her altered state, attempts to seduce one of the other mothers. A married woman with two daughters secretly gulps down her birth control pill, despite her husband’s grim determination to impregnate her with a longed-for son, who will be named Rafa (as in Nadal). Three women, subtly drawn with flashes of wit and not a trace of.
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