New McU Theory Reveals The Secret Ingredient Of The Super Soldier Serum

The McU works as a whole, interconnected universe because of the countless ways in which the lives of individual Marvel superheroes intersect and connect with each other. Even the origins of each hero have been found to have been occasionally connected with other characters.

Following this train of thought, a new fan theory posted on Reddit by user TheLazerShell suggests that the super soldier serum used to transform Steve Rogers into Captain America may have a connection to Thor’s enchanted hammer Mjolnir. According to them, the enchantment that drives Mjolnir to only be wielded by someone deemed worthy is very similar in concept to what Dr. Erskine was describing to Steve as the requirement for being a successful candidate for the Super Soldier program.

If you’ll recall, Erskine said he was looking for qualities beyond the physical in his candidate, where the individual had to prove he was worthy,
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