Ad Astra Ending Explained

David Crow Sep 19, 2019

We examine what Brad Pitt finds at the end of the solar system in Ad Astra and what it says about the nature of faith.

This article features nothing but Ad Astra spoilers.

The distance between fathers and sons can feel lightyears apart, even when they’re in the same room. This is the basic premise of James Gray’s moody and introspective Ad Astra, which places a literal solar system between Roy (Brad Pitt) and Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones). It is also the one fleeting, if tangible, emotion to take hold when Pitt’s stoic son must let go of his even more taciturn father. Like some interstellar version of the “Cats and the Cradle,” this generally reserved picture uses emotional anguish and the heat it produces to fill the cold vacuum of space.

The actual events that unfold between the two are fairly simple…
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