X-Men Fans Wouldn’t Mind Seeing A Person Of Color Play The McU’s Professor X

There’s been a new development in the ongoing mystery over how Marvel will integrate the X-Men into the McU. Reports are saying that the studio is considering casting people of color in the key roles of Professor X and Magneto. It’d be a bold change for two characters routinely portrayed as Caucasian, but in some ways it would be a natural development seeing as Stan Lee originally based them on black civil rights leaders Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

There’s traditionally always been a big backlash when movie studios recast a white comic book character as a Poc but in this case, it seems like, on the whole, X-Men fans are open to the idea of Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr being depicted as non-Caucasian in the McU. As long as they get the important parts of the characters right, many don’t seem to care,
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