Official Night Monkey Trailer Arrives Following Spider-Man's Split from the McU

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Sony has released a new trailer for The Night Monkey. Or, to be more precise, a trailer for the digital release of Spider-Man: Far from Home that plays on Peter Parker's alter ego from the movie. In many cases, this would just be viewed as a cute marketing ploy. However, given everything that has happened, what with Sony splitting with Disney over the future of the Spider-Man franchise, this takes on a whole new meaning.

The trailer is positioned as a darker tale than Spider-Man: Far From Home was in most of its marketing. We see Tom Holland's Peter Parker, exclusively in his black suit, taking on the name of The Night Monkey. This all came from a joke during a key sequence in the movie where Ned was trying to protect his friend's secret identity. The moment in question is included in this trailer. The spot also features the following tagline.
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