Donald Trump Just Landed At Lax, Traffic Coming To Standstill In Downtown L.A & Beverly Hills – Update

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Update, 4:27 Pm: Running late out of a big donor shindig in Palo Alto earlier today, Air Force One has just landed at Lax nearly an hour behind schedule.

As Donald Trump deplanes and gets in Marine One in the next few minutes for a possibly augmented trip to Dtla before his Beverly Hills fundraiser tonight, Lapd are closing down streets all over the well heeled town and West L.A. Which means traffic is coming to a prolonged halt in many neighborhoods just as the commute home commences.

I hear that some of Potus’ travel around the city may actually be trimmed because he was late getting to town, but that’s happening in real time and is fluid. Most likely Trump will skip heading to his downtown hotel now and whip over to the gathering at developer Geoff Palmer’s Bev Hills home.

All of which is to say,
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