The Magicians: Julia Wicker Needs to Take the Wheel During Season 5

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We need to talk about Julia Wicker. 

There is no denying that The Magicians Season 4 finale was a shocker. Quentin Coldwater's death is a loss, and not just of the point-of-view-character of the series, but as someone who struggled with mental illness.

There's no denying that his friends will still be grieving at the start of The Magicians Season 5. Face it, mo matter how gorgeous that rendition of 'Take On Me' was, it isn't going to sooth all wounds.

The vacumn created by Quentin's death gives the show a chance to redirect the story with a new focal point, and that focal point should be Julia Wicker. 

As Quentin's childhood friend, Julia is ideally placed to pick up the torch left by Quentin. She shared his love of magic and even his love of Fillor. 

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During The Magicians Season 1 Episode 1, "Unauthorized Magic,
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