Arrow Season 5: Best & Worst Episodes, Ranked

The third and fourth seasons of Arrow didn’t live-up to the strength of the first two seasons, but the fifth season became a soft reboot for the CW drama. As the show was nearing its 100th episode, participating in another big crossover, Arrow tried to reconnect with what made the show work in the beginning. Rather than going with another super-powered big bad, the fifth season went back to having a villain grounded in reality by making it be someone that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) was responsible for creating.

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Season 5 was also used to conclude Oliver’s 5-year-long origin story in the flashbacks. From introducing new team members to a complex antagonist in Prometheus (Josh Segarra), the fifth season became one of Arrow’s most well-received years since season two. With that said, these are the best and worst episodes of Arrow season five.
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