Joker Review – Tiff 2019

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If you’d bet on Todd Phillips ever winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, you’d have made lots of money. If you’d bet on Todd Phillips winning the Golden Lion for Joker, you’d now be Bruce Wayne.

And Arthur Fleck – soon to be the Joker – wouldn’t like that very much. Joaquin Phoenix plays the wannabe stand-up comic in this origin story of the most iconic villain in the superhero world. Predictably Fleck serves as the heart and soul, which attempts to be a thorough study of how someone can grow (or sink) to become Gotham City’s greatest cosplaying criminal menace.

This psychopath origin story structure is one of the numerous ways Joker tries to invoke the films of Martin Scorsese, who was initially attached to the project as a producer. But only in style is it at all a resemblance of the work of Scorsese.
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