Ten Best: WWE Pay-Per-Views of all time

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Welcome back folks. So, being a fan of wrestling means you see the same conversations and discussions going on between fans, discussions that never really change. In all the time I’ve been watching pro-wrestling, for twenty-seven years, the question “what’s the best PPV ever” has come up. It’s all about opinion, really. It’s all about choice. What one wrestling fan likes, another wrestling fan might hate, and visa versa. I, however, like to make things difficult for myself, and as seen as we now have the WWE Network (wonder how much it costs…) at our disposal, a wonderful and deep service, I can easily revisit a whole bunch of shows and compile a list of what I, personally, think are the ten best WWE (or WWF) Pay-per-views ever. I won’t talk about Ecw or WCW here, or New Japan Pro Wrestling, or Aew or any other promotion.
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