How Bollywood Should Take a Leaf from Web Shows

One of the longest standing battles that Indians have seen for over 60 years now is the Indo-Pak unrest which has plundered Kashmir of its peace.

Although one of the most serene places in the country to visit, Kashmir ironically faces the wrath of politics. Highlighting the stories of many Kashmiris through compelling plots, urging commoners to understand and reflect upon the situation and its impact, are actors who play these sensitive parts.

Here are three shows which have brilliantly touched upon this topic forcing each one of us to pause and think. And honestly, Bollywood must take a leaf out of these web shows to understand how to show nuance and tell a story truthfully.?

Haq Se (2018)

A story revolving around the four blood-bound sisters of the Mirza family in Kashmir, Haq Se is a modern representation of women and families with passionate dreams awaiting fulfillment. The journey to Kashmir
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