‘After the Wedding’ A Feature Directed by Bart Freundlich

‘After the Wedding’ A Feature Directed by Bart Freundlich
By Peter BelsitoI rarely use the term masterpiece but it fits here.

A woman-centered family drama, this sensitive remake of Susanne Bier’s overcooked Danish Oscar nominee has shrewdly been flipped from a male-driven drama to an emotional showcase for the women Michelle Williams and Julianne Moore, who are both mothers of the same girl, the bride here.

The dramatic edge of the story is about a young woman who, on the day of her marriage, discovers that actually she has two mothers.

So this is a very female driven film.

The female characters are the least interesting thing in the original version of After the Wedding, an otherwise exceptional, Oscar-nominated Danish drama from Bird Box director Susanne Bier.

This sharp new English-language remake gender-flips the two lead roles to be played by women, providing an incredibly rich showcase for the immense talents of Julianne Moore (who goes big) and
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