Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion Review

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René Goscinny and illustrator Albert Uderzo gave the world a charming gift when they debuted The Adventures of Asterix in 1959. 60 years on, through excursions off the page and across the big and small screens, our affection for the diminutive Gaul and his giant sidekick remains. The rose-tinted glasses of nostalgia are a powerful accessory.

This time – despite the ever-present threat of the Romans – the challenge faced by the feisty villagers comes from within. Getafix the Druid (brewer of the magic potion which sustains the village and gives Asterix his mighty powers) has taken a tumble and broken his leg. With his mortality mortifyingly evident and his present handicap, Getafix realises he needs an apprentice.

Armed with a shortlist from his fellow druid elders, protected by Asterix (Christian Clavier) and Obelix (Guillaume Briat) and accompanied by inquisitive young Impedimenta (Florence Foresti), Getafix (Bernard Alane) crisscrosses Gaul in search of a worthy
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