Young Justice Season 3 Episode 25 Review: Overwhelmed

Young Justice delivers the best episode of the second half of the season with "Overwhelmed."



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This Young Justice: Outsiders review contains spoilers.

Young Justice Season 3 Episode 25

Young Justice uses the second to last episode of the season to take a break from the endgame and look back at how far the team's come. The result is one of the strongest episodes of Young Justice season 3.

The episode follows two stories and sprinkles in some setup for upcoming episodes. One sets up the final episode: Brion and Tara’s brother sneaks to Hollywood to see them and tell them that he’s trying to find a way to get them back into Markovia. The other storyline focuses on Cyborg and Halo, having defeated Granny Goodness and closed off the Apokalips storyline for the season. They’re babysitting Lian for the night with Beast Boy when Metron shows
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