Film Review: ‘The Fanatic’

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Film Review: ‘The Fanatic’
Prominently placed at the start of a very long final credit crawl is what may go down in motion picture history as one of the most misguided displays of somber self-congratulation ever: “John Travolta Is Moose. ‘The Fanatic.’ A Fred Durst Film.” Given that this is a movie that starts with an onscreen-text quote from its own bad dialogue, the clueless hubris is no longer surprising by that point. Still,

For starters, it is the worst Travolta vehicle in some time, and coming just a year after the double whammy of “Gotti” and “Speed Kills,” that is really saying something. It also finds him entering that unfortunate pantheon of presumably well-intentioned performances of differently-abled characters that somehow emerge a compendium of the most cringe-inducing clichés of people with limited faculties.

Last but not least, this ersatz thriller about a simpleminded aging fanboy’s obsession with his movie-star idol is directed
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