Opinionated: What Are The Best Matches In King of the Ring History?

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Okay, okay, okay… so I’ve already rambled on about King of the Ring in a previous “Opinionated” article, here on Nerdly, but I thought it might be fun to also talk about this too. What are the very best matches from King of the Ring? I’m talking about the King of the Ring Pay-Per View events that ran from 1993 until the final PPV in 2002.

I mentioned before how much of a fan of the King of the Ring concept I am. I think it’s a really cool way to highlight new characters and wrestlers, put a bunch of talent on a card and do something unique once a year in the same way that shows like Royal Rumble and Survivor Series do. There has been a mass of matches in the ten PPV shows that ran under the King of the Ring name. Some of them have been decent,
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