Justin Rosniak gets to play good guys

Justin Rosniak in ‘Les Norton’ (Photo: Tony Mott).

Justin Rosniak has been cast as crooks and other wayward types so often in his career he is relishing the opportunity to play more upstanding characters.

“There is not a lot of diversity in characters in Australia so once you get locked into something, some people only see you as one thing,” he tells If. “I often long to get to show my range a bit more, or a softer side.

“So it’s been good that in the last couple of years I have started to get roles that push me in other directions and allow me to add a few different layers.”

In the second season of Mr Inbetween, the comedy/drama created by and starring Scott Ryan as criminal-for-hire Ray Shoesmith, he gets the chance to show a different side to his character Gary, Ray’s best friend.

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