John Carpenter on ‘Halloween’ Series Ending: Don’t Count on It

John Carpenter on ‘Halloween’ Series Ending: Don’t Count on It
Like Michael Myers himself, the “Halloween” franchise just can’t be killed. During a panel at Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia over the weekend, creator John Carpenter assured audiences that his horror series won’t be ending anytime soon, as reported by TheWrap.

“As long as there’s money in this, I wouldn’t count on an ending,” Carpenter said. Directed by David Gordon Green, the next Halloween film, “Halloween Kills,” will hit theaters in October 2020, with “Halloween Ends” arriving in 2021.

“[Jason Blum] convinced me to stop sitting on the sidelines and bitching and get off my butt and help … No one’s ever asked me before,” Carpenter said about returning to the franchise. Last year’s “Halloween,” also directed by Green, brought back Carpenter to the film franchise he created. Carpenter will provide the scores for the upcoming films, along with his son, Cody Carpenter.

“I loved what the director,
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