The 5 Best & Worst Episodes Of Chuck (According To IMDb)

Years before Zachary Levi suited up as DC Comics' brightest new superhero Shazam, the actor was busy saving the world from terrorists, rogue spies, and evil assassins in NBC's beloved action-comedy series, Chuck. The show, which was created by Chris Fedak and Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz, premiered on NBC in 2007 and ran for a total of five seasons before concluding with a surprisingly heartbreaking finale.

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The series follows computer nerd and Buy More employee Chuck Bartowski, who is thrust into the world of international espionage when he opens an email encoded with dangerous government secrets that are downloaded into his brain. With spies, terrorists, and assassins looking to steal what's in Chuck's brain, he must work with CIA Agent Sara Walker and Nsa Agent John Casey to protect the governments most dangerous secrets and stop some of the world's deadliest criminals.
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