Stan Lee’s Daughter Blasts Disney, Sides With Sony In Spider-Man Dispute

As if tensions weren’t high enough following Sony and Disney’s split over Spider-Man, Stan Lee’s daughter has now thrown her two cents into the mix. And believe it or not, they may very well add more fuel to the fire.

Speaking recently with TMZ, not only did Jc Lee seem to agree with Sony over the financial dispute, but she then went on to criticize executives at both Walt Disney and Marvel Studios over the treatment of her late and legendary father.

On the very off chance you haven’t heard by now, here’s a quick recap. Earlier this week, reports emerged online that the House of Mouse had been battling with Sony over a co-financing deal on all future Spider-Man films – requesting a 50/50 split as opposed to the 5% of grosses they’ve taken until this point. After the fans offered a more than vocal reaction to the news,
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