Official Secrets Review: Keira Knightley Leads Riveting Thriller

Keira Knightley leads an all-star British cast in Official Secrets, a riveting, if not sometimes pedantic, political thriller.




History moves quickly these days, which is perhaps one of the reasons why Official Secrets, a political drama set in the lead up to the Iraq War, already feels like the ancient kind. It's not, of course. The beginning of the century was not that long ago and the effects of the decision to invade Iraq are still being felt today, a reality that makes this just-period film vital political viewing for anyone unfamiliar with Katharine Gun and the courageous choice she made in trying to stop the Iraq War before it started.

Official Secrets stars Knightley as real-life whistleblower Katharine Gun, a former translator for Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters. In 2003, Gun leaked an intelligence memo detailing the Nsa's request to Britain for help in collecting compromising
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