Javier Bardem Calls on World Leaders to Agree a Global Ocean Treaty

Earlier this week, Oscar-award-winning actor Javier Bardem was in Times Square to demand a “Global Ocean Treaty Now” as an electronic billboard displayed images of threatened marine life.

He then addressed delegates at the United Nations to urge governments to agree a strong Global Ocean Treaty that could help to protect at least 30% of the world’s seas by 2030. This is the third out of four meetings at the Un to negotiate a treaty that could set the frame for a legally-binding ‘Paris Agreement of the oceans’.

“Whatever happens during this conference will have a deep impact on the life of our oceans and on the future of humankind. Delegates must know that the world is watching as they negotiate towards a Global Oceans Treaty. We just can’t afford to get it wrong,” said Bardem.

The event at the Un started with a trailer of the documentary ‘Sanctuary’ by
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