New Harley Quinn Promo Reveals The Joker’s Laugh And Fresh Footage

Whenever any actor is cast as the Joker – be it in live action or animation – fans immediately begin wondering what their laugh will sound like. After all, it’s quite apparent on the printed page that the Clown Prince of Crime’s mirth comes from a place of malevolence and mania, so any translation to screen must leave a lasting impression.

I think the bigger challenge may come in the form of making the cackling distinct from predecessors, but we really can’t complain if someone gives a valiant effort. I’m immediately reminded of how Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) and Kevin Michael Richardson (The Batman) had to follow Jack Nicholson (Batman) and Mark Hamill (Batman: The Animated Series) in their respective fields, yet both opened us up to new realms of madness.

Though a wide array of talented actors have stepped up to the plate in the time since,
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