Lucasfilm Boss Reveals The True Meaning Behind R2-D2’s Name

Lucasfilm creative art manager Phil Szostak has been addressing old Star Wars myths on Twitter all month, and when it comes to the origins of a certain little droid companion’s name, it turns out that the hearsay had it more or less right.

Szostak’s recent posts concern the rumor that George Lucas took the name “R2-D2” from a term he heard while working on the sound mixing tracks of a previous film. For his first tweet, Szostak cites the 2007 book The Making of Star Wars as his source:

“In The Making of #StarWars, Lucas recalled that, when mixing Thx 1138, someone yelled out ‘R2D2’ for ‘Reel Two, Dialogue Two’ and he jotted the name down.”

In his second tweet, Szostak references the more recent discovery that the film in question wasn’t Lucas’ 1971 feature debut Thx 1138, but was actually the director’s sophomore work:

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