Lord Of The Rings: The Top 10 Battles, Ranked

Peter Jackson's epic film trilogy, based off the classic Lord of the Rings books by J.R.R. Tolkien, is renowned for staying true to the spirit of the novels - and maybe even enhancing them in some ways. Given the track record of book-to-film adaptations, that's impressive in its own right.

But the Lotr films are perhaps best known for their amazing battle scenes. These face-offs between our heroes and the Orcs of Sauron and Saruman keep the viewer on the edge of their seats. With their fast-paced action, well-choreographed stunts, and rich cinematography that superbly blends live-action with special effects, these are still some of the greatest battle scenes in film.

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But which are the best of the best? Let's take a journey to Middle-earth as we explore the top 10 fights/battles of this epic trilogy.
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