A Conversation With Good Boys Star Jacob Tremblay Almost Made Me Want to Have Kids

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Jacob Tremblay possesses the kind of natural sincerity that makes nearly everything he does endearing. Even when he's, say, cursing a blue streak while attempting to open a childproof lid on a gummy vitamin bottle containing illicit drugs. I definitely didn't expect to feel that way going into my screening of the 12-year-old's new comedy, Good Boys, but, along with his costars Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon, Tremblay managed to make me feel genuine affection for tweenage boys. (And that was before I even spoke with the young actor about the film on the phone.)

At its heart, Good Boys is a film about the endurance of true friendship regardless of differences. On the surface, though, it's a raunchy comedy, filled with more sex toys than you're probably expecting. When I got the chance to chat with Tremblay over the phone, he gleefully admitted that he loved getting to
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