From Miley Cyrus to Jamie Foxx: 15 Stars You Probably Didn’t Know Have Stage Names (Photos)

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When Twitter users “discovered” on Tuesday that Jamie Foxx isn’t the actor’s real name, freak-outs ensued. But many other celebrities and noteworthy people have opted for clever stage names – whether to simplify a birth name (Nina Dobrev) or to forge a new identity (Portia de Rossi). Here are 11 stars whose real names may surprise you.

Halsey (Ashley Frangipane)

Halsey’s stage name is an anagram of her real name, Ashley. The “New Americana” electro-pop singer’s name is also a reference to a street in Brooklyn where she “spent a lot of time as a teenager.”

John Legend (John Roger Stephens)

The name “Legend” was gifted to the R&b singer by a friend who was impressed by his old-school sound. As Legend explained in a 2005 interview with Independent, “I knew it sounded a little presumptuous, but I figured it would grab people’s attention.”

Marilyn Manson (Brian
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