Best of Frightfest: ‘Train to Busan’ Dir. Yeon Sang-ho

Best of Frightfest: As the twentieth anniversary of Arrow Video Frightfest approaches, we at team Thn take a look back at some of the best and brightest films that have screened over the last two decades. Frightfest 2016 closing film Train to Busan fills today’s selection.

While the zombie movie may seem a very overcrowded subgenre of horror, it is often responsible for some of the most iconic moments in horror, ones that manage to leave a bite mark on the subconscious of those brave enough to enter an outbreak.

It’s easy to forge a metaphor out of the insatiable appetite of zombies, but some films can focus on that aspect a little too much and forget to deliver the thrills. It also works the other way too, with some films paying too much attention to the gore, without giving much of a thought to the human characters who
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