Film Review: West Beirut (1998) by Ziad Doueiri

Winner of 1998 Prix François Chalais at Cannes film festival and recognised at many other international festivals, this is a factual take on the war in Lebanon serenading as a brilliant movie.

Adolescence is a period of life difficult to capture on screen. It either ends up being too musical and makes no sense or hits too hard to be called art in any way or form. The movies which have captured this period of life naturally and creatively have attained cult status. Though this movie goes on to talk a lot about the conflict in middle east from Lebanon’s perspective, I would like to think that the teenager’s point of view is the differentiator.

The 1975 war in Lebanon starts off like any other in the past and everyone thinks that things would get back to normal in few weeks or months. Three teenagers who suddenly
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