The Painful Spectacle of Tori Spelling’s Self-Mockery (Column)

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The Painful Spectacle of Tori Spelling’s Self-Mockery (Column)
For nearly two decades’ worth of the life of our culture, Tori Spelling has been apologizing for herself.

The actress came to prominence on “Beverly Hills, 90210,” the teen soap through which she became an avatar of ditzy privilege, less so for anything she did onscreen than for the unavoidable fact of how she’d found herself there. Her father, the TV impresario Aaron Spelling, had plugged his daughter — not a world-historically great thespian — into his latest production perhaps because no one would tell him no. The public’s resentment was inevitable; though nepotism is nothing new, the transparency of Spelling’s means of ascent was a bit galling. It’s nice, if not exactly right, to believe that stars get where they are through some sort of consent of the viewing public, not simply through having their fame bestowed like a sweet-sixteen gift, or an acceptance to USC.

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