Margaret Qualley & Nick Robinson in Trailer for 'Strange But True' Film

"There's more answers than those you can see." Lionsgate has debuted an official trailer for an odd indie dramatic thriller titled Strange But True, based on John Searles' book of the same name. This domestic suspense-thriller stars quite an impressive cast, lead by Margaret Qualley (the talk of the town thanks to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) plus Nick Robinson, along with Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear, Blythe Danner, Brian Cox, Connor Jessup, and Mena Massoud. The plot is about a young woman who surprises the family of her deceased boyfriend by telling them she's pregnant with his child years later. She also reconnects with her boyfriend's brother, who might still have feelings for her. The first half of this trailer it seems like oh, this looks like a good drama, why haven't we heard more about this? But by the end it gets totally nuts, deep into "sinister" Wtf is going on territory.
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