Catwoman Was Almost Revealed As Batman Beyond’s Creator In Canned Movie

By now, you don’t need me to tell you for the umpteenth time how Batman Beyond‘s popularity has endured long past its three-season run on television. In addition to fans the world over continuing to watch the beloved animated series on home video, DC has continued the legacy in the comic book medium. Heck, they’re even introducing a Batwoman Beyond this fall!

As it turns out, two bombshells were dropped during the retrospective panel conducted last week at San Diego Comic-Con. One, of course, was that Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series will arrive on Blu-ray this October. The other, however, is some pretty earth-shattering trivia.

Believe it or not, a second Batman Beyond direct-to-video film had been planned back in the day, but it never got off the ground because Return of the Joker didn’t meet sales expectations. According to Bruce Timm, this would’ve
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