The Coen Brothers' 10 Most Memorable Characters, Ranked

The Coen Brothers, Joel David Coen and Ethan Jesse Coen, are American filmmakers that have been driving force on the big screen since their debut of Blood Simple in 1984. As directors and writers, these two brothers have created a name for themselves. With thirteen Academy Award nominations, the Coen Brothers have dozens of famous titles under their belts. Although their films span across multiple genres, there is no denying that these brilliant minds create memorable and intriguing characters. Here are their 10 most memorable characters, ranked.

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Ulysses Everett McGillO Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)

Everett is played by the phenomenal George Clooney, who is one prong of this iconic trio of escaped convicts in the 1930s. The other two, also memorable characters, are Pete Hogwallop (John Turturro) and Delmar O'Donnell (Tim Blake Nelson). While this film was
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