10 Crime Movies That Are Completely Underrated

If you're a crime movie fan, you've probably seen The Godfather, Scarface, and Heat. Or, at the very least you've watched half of them on TV with your Dad. Still, crime enthusiast, there is a world beyond the cop and gangster canon. There are those unsung masterworks, those hidden gems, those instant crime classics. Keep on scrolling for ten of the very best.

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10. Running Scared (2006)

Maybe the finest work of the late Paul Walker, Running Scared is about as dark as crime thrillers get. Dealing with sensitive subject matter in a brazen, haphazard way, it's most definitely not for everyone. Still, even beyond Walker's committed performance, there's something to it. The end credit sequence point to the idea that Scared is a Grimm fairy tale, a paranoid nightmare that explores the worst fears of both parent and child. So dour and tasteless it's almost a Grindhouse movie,
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