Drive-In Dust Offs: Cellar Dweller (1988)

Long live Empire Pictures; sure, they shone briefly in the ‘80s before bankruptcy and a rebirth as Full Moon, but there was some real talent and joy in a lot of those films – case in point: Cellar Dweller (1988), a straight up monster movie with no pretense beyond gore and gratuitous nudity in a tidy 78 minute package.

Take out the credits and you’re left with around 70 minutes; certainly not unusual in Band’s world, as a lot of the films he turned out were done on the cheap and very quickly. But occasionally a real talent would stop by (Stuart Gordon comes to mind) and stretch the limited resources into something worth a look or two. Enter John Carl Buechler, the late, lamented, legendary fx artist and burgeoning director (Troll) who, in pure Band style, had to film this in 10 days with very little money and a severely truncated schedule.
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