New Season 4 Trailer for Syfy’s Van Helsing just Dropped at Comic-Con – Watch Now

With a bevy of new blood this season–including Tricia Helfer, Richard Harmon and Big Show–Syfy’s action horror series Van Helsing just premiered its Season 4 trailer at San Diego Comic-Con. The 13-episode, hour-long drama, will return this fall on Syfy. Van Helsing is a total re-imagination of a timeless brand, set in a world dominated and controlled by vampires. Season four continues the story of Vanessa Van Helsing and her band of heroes as they fight to reclaim the world after vampires took over during ‘The Rising’. The series will delve deeper into the iconic lore of the vampires and their ultimate goals for this world. New villains will rise along with unexpected heroes joining the fight. The series airs on Syfy in the U.S., on SuperEcran in Quebec, Canada and globally on Netflix.Van Helsingstars Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl,Neal McDonough, Tricia Helfer,Vincent Gale,
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