5 Disney Movies That Deserve A Sequel (& 5 That Don’t)

Disney’s animated features have had a long, rocky relationship with sequels. Starting in 1994 with The Return of Jafar, Disney began cranking out direct-to-video sequels for some of its most beloved theatrical releases. The problem is that many of these new films had predictable stories and poorer animation than their predecessors. While enjoyable, they didn’t hold the same cinematic value of the classics that came before them.

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Thankfully, Disney seemed to realize this and slowed down the production of sequels in the 2010s. Nevertheless, its theatrical sequels have not reached a dead-end (Frozen II). While we don’t know how good Disney’s future sequels will be, we do know which films deserve a follow-up — and of course, we know the ones that don’t. We’re only going to be covering the movies that don't already have a sequel,
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