Fantasia 2019: ‘Porno’ Review

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Stars: Evan Daves, Jillian Mueller, Katelyn Pearce, Peter Reznikoff, Larry Saperstein, Glenn Stott, Robbie Tann | Written by Matt Black, Laurence Vannicelli | Directed by Keola Racela

Two of my all-time favourite horror films are Michele Soavi’s Stagefright (1987), which sees a group of stage actors locked in the theater for a rehearsal of their upcoming musical production with a psychopathic killer; and Mark Herrier’s Popcorn (1991), which sees a murderer kill the attendees of a movie marathon in an old abandoned cinema. Why am I telling you this? Well Keola Racela’s Porno continues the same thematic tradition found in those films and other movies such as Fade to Black, Anguish and Demons, whilst also harkening back to that similar period in film history, setting this particular story in small-town America circa 1992…

Taking place in a local ultra-Christian movie theater, currently showing 90s “classics” like Encino Man and A League of Their Own,
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