The Division 2 Director Asks Fans About Single-Player Spin-Off

Matthew Byrd Jul 15, 2019

Fans are interested in a single-player campaign for The Division 2, but does that mean we could get one?

Something funny happened this weekend when Tim Spencer (the level director for Tt Games) tweeted out that he'd love to see a single-player version of The Division 2. 

"I love the idea of a single player narrative driven spin-off of The Division," wrote Spencer. "Focusing on an agent trying to get home to their family after being sent to NYC, during the Shd blackout from the fall of DC. Tlou x Division."

Spencer goes on to say theorize what such a game may look like by noting that "none of the stories have explored what a Division agent sacrifices, and what they go through mentally." He even stated that he "sat here in a burrito restaurant" and thought about writing down "all the epic stories our agent could have, in chapters,
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