90s Video Action Stars Part IV – Gary Daniels, Joe Lara, C. Thomas Howell and Thomas Ian Griffith

Tom Jolliffe with the latest delve back to the video shelf with 90’s video action stars [read part one, part two and part three]…

With so many 90’s action icons worked through already, you’d imagine I was beginning to struggle for subjects to cover. You’d be mistaken. It feels like I’ve barely scratched the surface of 90’s ass-kick specialists. This only goes to show that slightly wistful post-century turn which saw new kids on the block becoming fewer and further between. Inevitably as big ‘actors’ moved in on the big screen action genre in the 90’s, the next decade would see some heavy hitters becoming Dtv action specialists themselves with the likes of Christian Slater, Cuba Gooding Jr and Val Kilmer becoming stalwarts, then beyond them even bigger stars fell into video land like Nicolas Cage, Bruce Willis and John Travolta. The desire for ass-kicking specialists and M.A tournament casting was largely a thing of the past.
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