Married With Children: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Al Bundy

It seems very strange now, but in 1987, the Fox Network debuted. Until then, there were just four other networks, and if you had cable, your last name could’ve been Rockefeller. The Fox Network sought to offer a huge amount of alternative programming to the other networks. The very first primetime sitcom the network offered was the now iconic Married...With Children. Codenamed “Not The Cosbys,” the show was definitely an alternative. It was a show for the working class that might identify more with down-on-his-luck Al Bundy than the saccharine "lessons need to be learned every week" TV dads that permeated the eighties sitcom landscape.

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The show was a tremendous risk for its time and had plenty of detractors who thought it was too lewd and crude for prime time. But the naysayers
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